Klout Moves into Q&A Industry

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 10 May, 2013

Does your Klout score make you an expert in a certain area? If it does, the social platform may ask you to answer questions through a new program called Klout Experts.


Klout Experts is similar to a Q&A service. It allows Klout users who are influential in a specific topic to increase their authority in that subject by answering topic-related questions that are frequently searched for on Bing. The Klout blog provides this example:


"A person building their influence in photography might be asked, 'What's the best digital SLR for beginners?' Someone who is an expert about fitness might answer, 'What's a great exercise routine for someone with bad knees?' We are focused on practical advice that leverages the taste and wisdom we all have about something."



That said, Klout Experts is currently in a preview period, with the company making the service available to a small percentage of influential users. These people have the chance to share their insights to questions that will be delivered on Bing, and in return, have the possibility of having their answers seen by millions of people who leverage Bing search everyday. It is also important to note that those who are interested in sharing their expertise with the digital world can request early access to Klout Experts by signing up for the waitlist.