Klout Ranking System Gets a Makeover

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 15 Aug, 2012

You may be less influential today than you were yesterday, at least according to Klout.

The popular online influence rating tool has just rolled out some upgrades to its services, including an improved algorithm that aims to provide users with more accurate Klout Scores.

The new algorithm measures more than 400 signals across seven social networks in order to provide users with a score that represents their real-world influence rather than their social media popularity. According to the Klout Blog, the new score has increased accuracy, measures 12 billion data points on a daily basis and, for the first time, incorporates Wikipedia as a signal.

For example, with the new Klout score, President Barack Obama finally ranks higher than Justing Bieber (what is the world coming to?!). Take a look at how Klout has explained this change:

Klout is also launching a new feature called "moments", which showcases a user's most influential social media content in one place. This shows users insights into their interaction patterns, which can help them improve upon their social strategies in the long run. Additionally, the influence ranking platform has also enhanced its site design, which offers a cleaner and more user friendly dashboard. Both of these new updates, moments and the site redesign, will be rolled out to users within the next few weeks, however, all users can obtain their new Klout score today.