LinkedIn Talent Pipeline for Recruiters

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 18 Oct, 2011

LinkedIn has announced Talent Pipeline, a new solution that aims at helping companies efficiently recruit talent, all in one place.

The solution is a one-stop shop for recruiters to track and stay connected with all of their talent leads, from any source. However, the solution won't be available until the first half of 2012, and, it will only be available to those with either a standard Recruiter seat license or to those that purchase a new LinkedIn Talent Pipeline seat.

To use Talent Pipeline, recruiters must import leads and resumes, which are then automatically connected to their LinkedIn record and are able to be searched, tracked and shared across the team. Then, leads should be connected to their profiles with up-to-date data and insights from LinkedIn - like recommendations, activity updates, shared connections, groups and more. New tools will also be available for tagging and tracking sources and statuses, which will help recruiters manage talent in the pipeline.

The solution will also provide search filters that will allow recruiters to search by status, activity conducted on a lead, as well as the data that the team has created, such as tags and notes. 

Additionally, Pipeline reports will help users manage recruiting, including reporting on leads for a specific role, top sources of leads and the status of leads in the pipeline.