Master List of Enterprise Social Platforms

Perhaps the most basic necessity of business, yet one of the most important, is communication.

For businesses to be successful there has to be an effective chain of communication between employees at the very top all the way down to the lowest man (or woman) on the totem pole.

There are numerous platforms that have been developed to improve communication between all employees. Below is a master list of enterprise Jive Software

Businesses must move at a rapid pace in order to keep up with consumer demands. While instant messaging is certainly no break-through technology, it is still useful in helping employees rapidly communicate with one another. Jive also allows for employees to communicate and collaborate with one another in other programs and apps including Outlook, Office, Salesforce, Box and Evernote as well as any Web-based app.


A barebones enterprise social network, Yammer allows employees to send messages to all members of the company, tag individuals in messages, join different company groups as well as post pictures in the continuously updated feed.


With a layout eerily similar to Facebook, Tibbr allows employees to communicate in a way that many are already familiar with. An additional feature of Tibbr is called "What's Happening Around Me" which alerts employees as to what's currently happening on the social network. 


A more feature-heavy enterprise social network, Socialtext not only allows employees to communicate about projects and daily objectives but also to directly curate content on the network through Web-based tools.

Salesforce: Chatter

Just one of the many products that the tech company has available for purchase, Chatter takes enterprise social networks to the next level by allowing employees to update expense reports, support cases, orders and more directly from the feed.


While delegating roles for already determined projects is an important part of business, so too is the brainstorming/creation process. MangoApps allows employees to post brainstorming ideas, associates to go in and comment on the idea as well as vote on whether or not they like the idea.


While barebones social networks have their advantages, mainly that they are easy to use, more intricate networks provide companies with more opportunities and more features they can leverage. With tailored homepages, detailed employee profiles, as well as content and document management capabilities, ThoughtFarmer provides businesses with a comprehensive network for their employees to leverage.


Sometimes messages between employees are not meant to be seen by the entirety of the company. BlueKiwi allows for employees to send both private and public messages to their associates with links and attached files. The enterprise social network also enables employees to post surveys, tasks and collaborative documents for easier collaboration.


With the ability to not only communicate with colleagues but also to collaborate with them on documents, Zyncro is a comprehensive enterprise social network that provides businesses with a wide breadth of features.

Jahia Workspace Factory

Billed as a document sharing platform, Workspace Factory allows for employees to collaborate and communicate on current projects. One of the most convenient features of Jahia is its drag-and-drop capabilities.


Custom Intranets offer businesses a lot of options when it comes to features and layouts. With more than 20 features, Claromentis offers an expansive Intranet option for those looking for a more detailed and versatile way to communicate with all employees.