8 Tips For Getting Active Instagram Followers



Instagram is one of the most rapidly growing social networks, having over 100 million of active users currently. Whether you simply wish to impress your friends, possess some Internet influence or make your business widely-known, you may need real Instagram followers. Below I have highlighted some useful tips to help you get them rather quickly. Though my tips can be used to get followers for almost any social network, I will focus on Instagram mainly, as it's not overwhelmed with spammers and has a visual interface that can help you get additional exposure.


1. Make your account public. The need for authorization can turn away many users, who just putter around and not interested in anything particular. Many people will follow you simply because they liked some random photo of yours, and if it's hidden they won't simply see it. 


2. Follow other users. If you want to get people follow you, you have to do the same thing for them. The best idea is to follow users with less followers, since they tend to follow you back much more often.




3. Be unique. The photos you provide have to stand out from the crowd. First of all, think about their value to your followers (truly useful pictures will get you followed much more than a look-at-me photo). Next, your photos have to be of the best quality, so be selective. The other important thing is uploading photos within one niche: this will make you look professional and not spreading your efforts on everything. Also, try to include call-to-actions below your photos like "Witty comment here". This will make users engaged and get you more exposure.


4. Post photos on right time. The Instagram image usually lives for about three hours and then goes away. So, the best time to post it is 1-2 hours before most users will connect, and it's about 5-6 p.m. (of your audience local time, of course). Posting on right time will get you maximum exposure and attention.


5. Use hashtags. Hashtags are used to organize photos and help users find them easily. The best way is to find what hashtags are popular today and act accordingly. Even if the tag is totally irrelevant, but your photo is attractive, you most likely will be followed or at least liked for it. You can also use geotag to tag your images. People are usually more interested in photos from their location.


6. Use Instagram filters. One of the main features of Instagram are filters. Using them will make your photos much more attractive and will get you followed. Filters are also great in personalization, so you photos will look exceptional and make users come back for more. Edit your photos a lot - it seems like a trend out there.   


7. Be honest. Don't try to post anything if you are not a fan or not interested. If somebody figures the thing it will cost you many followers.


8. Like relevant photos. Try to like images, that are of your niche. Common interests will get you the exact type of followers you need. The good idea is to like many photos of one user, this will get his attention, and the chances are good that he will follow you.


Getting followers can be a very challenging task, since it needs a lot of time and attention. Just remember to be polite and active, as this creates an image of a friendly person. If you are using Instagram to promote your business, this is even more important, since these followers are your prospective clients, and your company's image will have a direct influence on sales. Have something to add? Please leave your comments below.