Monitor Employee Emotions with Yammer Integration

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 08 Aug, 2012

Want to know the morale of employees within your organization? A new Yammer integration allows you to do just that.

The popular enterprise social network recently announced an integration with Kanjoya, which is an emotion-aware sentiment analysis company. The integration provides data on the attitudes and emotions of employees based on conversations from within a Yammer network.

Kanjoya's Crane analytics dashboard uses Yammer's open APIs to retrieve data from Yammer groups and the overall company network. Then, organizations can leverage the analytics dashboard to measure emotions across departments and geographies. For example, when an HR manager announces a change to her company's health benefits, she can view the Crane analytics dashboard to gain insight into employees' responses. The analytics enable her to determine if the general sentiment is "surprised," "annoyed," or one of 80 other specific emotions. Additionally, if the change only affects workers in Europe, she can leverage the group-level analytics to view emotions drawn specifically from the "London Team" group on Yammer.

"The conversations in Yammer provide a wealth of insight into employee sentiment across all facets of the business," says Armen Berjikly, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Kanjoya. "Kanjoya's Emotional Intelligence engine takes this data from Yammer and delivers detailed, actionable analytics, changing the way companies monitor internal sentiment from subjective gut-feel to data-driven."

Other features of the Kanjoya integration include keyword search for searching analytics on a specific topic, a sentiment graph to compare the volume of emotions, a word cloud for visualizing specific words that are associated with a conversation, and influencer analysis, which showcases the most replied to, praised and liked individuals. 

The integration is currently available for all Yammer Enterprise users. Verified admins can sign up for a Crane account to try the integration free for up to 30 days, and can contact Kanjoya about pricing during the 30-day trial period.