Paid Post Detection with Unmetric

Social media intelligence platform Unmetric is rolling out a new feature that will provide marketers with a breakdown of any brand's paid versus organic social media content (including their own), offering the ability to observe and compare audience engagement from post to post.

"We started by analyzing the audience engagement of thousands of paid and organic posts from hundreds of brands," said Aswani Yeraguntla, Director, Predictive and Business Analytics for Unmetric. "We then applied machine learning algorithms to capture the patterns in the data and to build our prediction engine that can sort paid and organic posts with 96 percent accuracy."

As brands are being forced to rely less and less on organic content to reach customers on social media, they will need to know a great deal about planning and budgeting for the paid side of social and Unmetric's Paid Post Prediction solution provides a powerful opportunity to do just that.

Unmetric's solution essentially provides some rather meaningful data for those planning to increase ad spend on social media. Marketers will be able to compare their own internal paid and organic content, as well as benchmark performance against industry competitors and other brands using with social advertising. Unmetric clients with Pro, Pro+, Premium and Agency accounts can immediately gain access to Paid Post Detection services and reports.

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