Pinterest Opens Up DIY Promoted Pins to SMBs

Pinterest decided to open up its Ads Manager platform to all small- and medium-sized businesses across the U.S.

According to the social network, advertisers who use the Pinterest Ads Manager received an everage of 20 percent more free clicks in the month after the start of a Promoted Pins campaign. The social network says it wants more businesses to see those results, which is why it has opened up the platform.

"Over the last year and a half, tens of thousands of businesses have used the Pinterest Ads Manager to create, manage and track the success of their Promoted Pins-and they're seeing great results," the social network said in its announcement. "Since people save their favorite Pinterest finds (including ads!) to their own boards, Promoted Pins generate lots of incremental impressions and engagements that get resurfaced time and time again. These engagements drive additional free value to advertisers over time-something you can't get on other platforms."

The Pinterest Ads Manager is a do-it-yourself (DIY) tool designed for small- and mid-sized businesses. The tool includes a bulk editor so businesses can manage more campaigns at once, as well as advanced measurement so users can accurately track the impact of their Promoted Pins.

In addition, Pinterest notes that it has enhanced conversion tracking and is rolling out more forms of targeting, including interest targeting, keyword targeting and customer database targeting to help advertisers reach the right audience with their campaigns.

"The Pinterest Ads Manager provides a simple and intuitive way for us to optimize our campaigns. The bulk editor allows me to test different creative variations and targeting options, saving me 30% of time on average," said Jonny Chan, growth marketing manager at ipsy. "Promoted Pins are viral and continue to drive conversions even after your campaign has ended."