Quieting Twitter Haters in a BloomSnap

Want a way to silent the Twitter critics? Then take a petal from BloomNation's bouquet.

Flower companies had a tough time this past Valentine's Day with their customers taking to social networks - specifically Twitter - to complain about delayed deliveries, poor product quality and lack of customer service (Read: 5 Twitter Takeaways from Valentine's Day Disasters).

BloomNation may have the answer for one of those issues by ensuring product consistency and that they are meeting shoppers' expectations. Its BloomSnap feature offers a way for flower buyers to see their arrangements before they are delivered to their loved ones (just in time, of course, for Mother's Day). 

With BloomSnap, BloomNation becomes the first and only flower website to provide consumers with a photo of the completed arrangement before it's hand-delivered, so buyers can be sure their loved ones will get what they ordered. This all but eliminates a common industry issue that the online product images look nothing like what was delivered (a huge complaint this last Valentine's Day).