Referral Traffic Converts for TireBuyer

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 18 Aug, 2015

In an effort to boost sales, decided to tap the power of its own customer base.


The tire distributor leveraged ShopSocially to update its website with a word-of-mouth engine that will help it reach a larger number of like-minded audiences at a minimum budget. Through ShopSocially's Refer-a-friend app, TireBuyer was able to generate a constant source of referral traffic to its website, which ended up converting at a rate of 13.09 percent.


The Refer-a-friend app interface was customized by ShopSocially to blend with the existing interface of TireBuyer's website. With the program, customers are incentivized with a $25 prepaid Visa card for taking part in the referral process. Aside from the incentives and the strategic placement of the referral program on TireBuyer's website, the option to share the program via social media has increased its visability, enabling the company to reach the social circles of its existing customers.


"Our main objective is to enhance customer's shopping experience on our site. By embedding ShopSocially's Referral program, we not only generated handsome referral traffic to our site but also converted this referral traffic into customers," said Devon Butler, Senior Manager at "It has been a pleasure to work with ShopSocially and design a referral marketing program that is on delivering tangible results."


It is important to note that TireBuyer also integrated ShopSocially's Share-a-Purchase app to boost word-of-mouth referrals even further. This app is designed to capture the post-purchase excitement of customers and convert them into brand ambassadors. Through both ShopSocially solutions, TireBuyer was able to boost sales, achieve a conversion rate of 13.09 percent from referrals, reach new and relevant target audiences and establish itself as a trusted brand via word-of-mouth marketing.


"The best way to acquire new customers is by leveraging existing customers and by embedding a result-driven referral program on the website." commented Samir Palnitkar, President at ShopSocially. "We are happy to see benefit from ShopSocially's Refer-a-friend app and improve their sales conversion rate significantly."