Salesforce Unveils Instagram Integration

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 02 Sep, 2015

Salesforce is offering a set of tools to help marketers engage customers on Instagram across its suite of Marketing Cloud products, including, Active Audiences and Social Studio.

With the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Instagram integration, marketers can buy and manage Instagram advertising with This gives marketers a single platform for advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. What's more, most of the ad targeting available for Facebook is also available on Instagram, including Active Audiences, which unlocks a user's CRM data in Salesforce. This enables Marketing Cloud customer to sync audience segments to Instagram to target with advertisements.

The integration also enables marketers to publish content on Instagram via Social Studio, as well as track campaign performance and share the most successful Instagram images with multiple teams and across social networks. Plus, marketers can leverage Social Studio to review discussions and to automatically route and prioritize critical responses.

It is also important to note that with the Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud, brands can resolve customer service issues on Instagram. Plus, Social Studio provides brands with social listening and analysis capabilities, which can help marketers analyze conversations on Instagram, understand community feedback, sentiment and trends.

"As Instagram says so eloquently; images are a universal language. Salesforce is now excited to offer marketers the opportunity to extend their reach to customers on one of the most engaging channels in mobile, and coordinate those efforts with every other channel in the customer journey," Salesforce said in its announcement.