Should Kylie Jenner Go To Jail?

More than 90 percent of endorsements from celebrity influencers on Instagram are in direct violation of rules, guidelines and regulations set in place by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) according to data from Mediakix.

Mediakix found that just 7 percent of sponsored content posted by popular Instagram celebs was compliant, and 32 of the top 50 posted some kind of sponsored content in May 2017 (indicating it is a current problem).

Despite the FTC making it clear that posts use some form of signpost (e.g. #sponsored, #ad, etc.) to indicate a material connection to an advertiser (whether that connection was provided free or as part of a paid deal), only 9 of the 152 ads MediaKix analyzed were done so in a way that one could argue were in compliance.

The FTC has provided fair notice that this is unacceptable behavior, sending warning letters in April 2017 to number influencers and brand partners. I think it's time that the FTC crack down on team Kardashian-Jenner (which the non-profit group Truth in Advertising has a combined 100 Instagram posts in violation of the rules) and other celebrity influencers and haul them off to a country-club like jail - or impose a fine that will discourage them and others from so flagrantly thumbing their nose at the law.

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