Sign On With These Top Social Login Solutions

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 24 Feb, 2016



The number of U.S. consumers claiming to have logged into a website or mobile app using an existing digital identity from a social network is rising, with 88 percent having used social login last year - and this is true of both younger and more mature audiences.


With benefits that include an increase of members and valuable consumer data, businesses would be wise to explore a social login solution that will work for them currently and in the future. For some help getting started, check out the list of top social login solutions featured below:





Gigya's social login solutions enables brands to create more personalized experiences for their site visitors, including greeting social logged-in users by name. The solution also enables users to link an existing site account with one or more social accounts so all their information stays in one place, as well as informs users upfront about the data that will be collected and how it will be used.






Janrain's social login solution supports identities from Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn and more than 30 other providers. The solution enables visitors to link multiple social identities to their profile, which provides site owners with a richer set of data in one spot. What's more, Janrain's social login interfaces are customizable and are optimized for all devices.






LoginRadius offers a social login service that supports more than 30 social networks, including popular options like Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn. The service improves the user experience for site visitors who no longer have to remember another password, as well as eliminates forgotten password requests from IT departments. What's more, marketing teams are provided access to more than 300 accurate social data points that can be leveraged to create better and more relevant campaigns.






OneAll's social login solution supports more than 30 social networks, including popular options like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google and Yahoo. The solution integrates with a user's existing system and helps eliminate spam and bot registrations. Through OneAll's social login service, users have access to a variety of accurate visitor data, including pre-validated email addresses, date of birth, gender, interests, location and more.




Social Annex


Social Annex's social login solution can be accessed from a variety of places on a website, including the traditional login button, checkout page or the top navigation. The solution is available for both previously registered and new site visitors, who simply have to give permission to use their profile. Once permission is given, the visitor's social graph data is collected and the visitor has the option to visit their own profile page where they can fill in additional information, including their shipping address.