SimplyMeasured Tracks Vines; Social Analytics Grows

When it comes to social media, there's always some edgy new tactic and opportunity emerging. Those brands that act swiftly to address and capitalize on them are those that benefit most.

Such will likely be the case with Twitter's Vines, whose newness may have worn off a little but is still generating some impressive engagement metrics, making the need to measure Vines increasingly important. Social analytics vendors are more than happy to provide some support.

Simply Measured announced the release of a new report within their social media analytics solution which enables users to see how their Vine Tweets are engaging follows (which are being shared the most for example), and analyze how vine content compares to Instagram, YouTube and other visual media on Twitter.

Simply Measured showed off the report for the account of Chris Brogan. In one week, Brogan tweeted nine vines with 79 unique people (with retweets and replies it reached 89). But the real power of Twitter of course is in the potential reach. Brogan's Vines reached almost 370,000 (combined followers of people interacting with tweeted vines) and 4.7 million potential impressions. The report also showed that Vine tweets performed better than video link (Youtube, Vimeo) shares and image link shares (Instagram/Path).