Smarter Measurement & Compensation for Influencer Marketing

Advertisers and companies are getting much smarter about how they measure and attribute sales in performance/affiliate marketing.

The Pepperjam network, for example, recently launched its Dynamic Attribution Suite and includes just the type of features in demand for those looking to ensure their affiliate programs drive real value and revenue.

The suite of tools provides technology that can allow advertisers to blacklist codes not intended for promotion (making it possible to increase margins and return on advertising spend), features that will allow brands to designate certain publishers as preferred, and functionality to allow advertisers to assign a coupon code to a publisher directly and reward them with commission regardless of which partner actually refers the final transaction.

Perhaps the most interesting feature of the Dynamic Attribution Suite is that of the In-Cart Attribution innovation, which eliminates commissions for "drive-by" coupon usage. When a consumer has a product in-cart but opens a new window to find a promotion code immediately prior to purchase. Using the feature, advertisers will be able to adjust their commission structures to reward the publisher who originally influenced the purchase.

"Our Dynamic Attribution Suite solves an ecommerce challenge hinged on fact that there's no such thing as a single-click purchase," said Greg Shepard, CTO, Pepperjam. "As humans, we're intrinsically curious and are inclined to research, explore and look around - even if we go directly to a retailer's site for a specific product in mind - we want to see what else we may need or want to buy. Even when we don't want to buy anything, an intriguing story or image may spark our need for instant retail gratification, and at Pepperjam, we help brands capture those ecommerce moments."