Snapchat's Ties to Wearable Tech & Info Discovery

Snapchat is an interesting network to watch. On one hand, its user engagement is through the roof (average active users spend 25-30 minutes on the app every day) and, on the other, it's making behind-the-scenes moves that can position Snapchat in both search and wearable tech. 


It was reported recently that Snapchat purchased recommendation app Vurb for $110 million - an entrance into search. Before that? Snapchat reportedly picked up Vergence Labs for $11 million in cash for the company's smart eyewear capabilities (think: Google Glass).


As these purchases come into fruition, Snapchat users could record their surroundings and upload a video to share straight from their sunglasses while seeing recommendations about what to read or watch based on what's trending, or request an Uber or Lyft within Snapchat as well. The Vurb acquisition has the potential to bring commerce into the social app (which many networks before it have struggled with) by, for example, booking event tickets directly in Snapchat.


We already know that millennials are using Snapchat to call and text (some even cutting out a phone bill in replace of Snapchat similar to cable/Netflix), so even though these acquisitions will take a while to be fully realized, there's no doubt Snapchat will have an impact on product and information discovery as well as wearable tech and augmented reality.