Social Collaboration in SharePoint

Infrastructure and business intelligence software TIBCO released an integration that will enable Microsoft SharePoint software users to leverage social collaboration functionality within SharePoint. 

First launched in 2001, SharePoint (the web application framework and platform developed by Microsoft) has played a prominent role within many enterprises. In fact, between 2006 and 2011, Microsoft sold over 36.5 million user licenses for SharePoint and the product was being used by 78 percent of Fortune 500 companies at one point. An integration with Tibco's enterprise social networking suite tibbr will certainly position SharePoint well for continued success.

"TIBCO is committed to delivering best-of-breed social collaboration functionality to all users in the enterprise, whether that be through our native interfaces or embedded in leading business applications," said Leandro Perez, director of product marketing, TIBCO. "Microsoft SharePoint and Outlook have significant footprints in the enterprise. We see a great opportunity to bring the benefits of tibbr to those users seamlessly in the applications they already use -- be it in the cloud or on-premises."

Business users also now have the ability to interact with tibbr directly from Microsoft Outlook®, integrating social collaboration into their daily email workflow. Tibbr also integrates with numerous technology vendors including CRM solutions such as Salesforce and SAP, online meeting solutions like Webex and Skype, file storage services including Google Drive, Dropbox and others.