Stream Video Through Twitter - TwitCam

Streaming video provider Livestream just announced the launch of today. The free (ad-supported) Web service enables Twitter users to add live video streaming (sort of, just links really) to their Twitter feed. How is this any different from using any of the other video services and manually posting the URL to your Twitter feed? Well, it's actually quite different.

There are hundreds of Twitter-focused services for sharing photos and video available now, but Twitcam "fills the application void for those wanting to stream live and chat with their followers" according to the release. The service is unique in that it enables viewers to chat over Twitter while watching the live feed simultaneously.

Twitter users will need to log in to with their existing Twitter user name and password and click the 'go live' button. Twitcam will automatically detect the Web camera, create a page and live video player for the broadcast, and post the link in the user's Twitter feed so followers can join in live.