Summer SMB Social Strategies

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 01 Jul, 2013

A new infographic from small business marketing solutions provider Constant Contact is shedding light on how SMBs can use social media to engage their audience during the slow summer months.


The infographic, which is primarily based on Constant Contact's Social Media Awareness Survey, shows that 85 percent of SMBs and nonprofits leverage Facebook, while 59 percent use LinkedIn and Twitter and just 47 percent have a presence on YouTube. The reason that Facebook is the most used social network is because 82 percent of SMBs and nonprofits think it is effective, compared to only 29 percent claiming LinkedIn is effective, 25 percent stating Twitter is effective and just 15 percent thinking YouTube is effective.




And while 82 percent of SMBs and nonprofits use social media today, that number is expected to grow within the next year. That said, the infographic provides some insights as to why some SMBs have stayed away from social media marketing, with 43 percent claiming that email marketing is enough, 40 percent citing a lack of resources, 31 percent saying they don't know how to use social media, 30 percent stating it's not right for their business and 13 percent claiming they don't know what to post.




Other noteworthy findings reveal that 29 percent of SMBs use social media to engage with both industry thought leaders and competitors, while 8 percent leverage location-based services like Foursquare to communicate with customers. In addition, 34 percent of SMBs plan to use social media to promote exclusive offers this summer.


Lastly, the infographic offers some tips for how SMBs can leverage social media this summer to grow their audience base, such as using slower months to test a new social network like Pinterest, trying different posting strategies or to experiment engaging with audience members on Twitter with @replies and responding to Facebook comments. Plus, Constant Contact recommends that small businesses shouldn't just use social to sell their products, but to also share their expertise by offering content like brochures, whitepapers or guides.


Check out a full version of the infographic below: