Tailored Audiences at Twitter In Focus

Most of the Web still can't figure out how to generate conversions from (much less brand awareness on) Twitter, but that certainly hasn't stopped the network from releasing advertising solutions on top of the platform - the newest being a new tool to create, manage and activate tailored audiences (a ways for advertisers to define their own groups of existing and potential customers).

The new features include an audience list upload capability, improved audience management tools, and new supported ID types for creating audiences, as well as improved targeting options to help advertisers reach a greater number of users similar to their existing audience.

Twitter's new audience manager enables advertisers view the details of their audiences in one place, make changes, and receive notifications on the status of those audiences. Twitter advertisers will now also be able to build audiences using mobile phone numbers - in addition to email addresses. The network is even supporting Apple iOS and Google Android mobile advertising IDs so advertisers can create audiences of users with their apps installed or who take certain actions (e.g. viewing a product or achieving a level in an app).

Perhaps the most powerful new capability of the system, however, is the "look-alike-only" targeting which enables advertisers to target users similar to their tailored audiences. Twitter indicated that the targeting capability is particularly useful for mobile app promotion campaigns.