The Rise of the VR Influencer

The concept of "influencer" marketing has been around for well over a decade but there is a shocking lack of solutions to manage such initiatives, and even more so, tap into some of the more innovative technology offerings simultaneously.

Fortunately, that's beginning to change.

Mattr, for example, just announced that its platform is now the first to offer brands the ability to work with influencers who are "trained, prepared and equipped" to crate 360-degree videos. How does it plan to do that? Training and technology.

Mattr indicated that it is training to influencers on how to capture a 360-degree experience using interactive guides and video and will be purchasing 360fly 360-degree cameras for select influencers.

Two of Mattr's influencers are already working with Mattr and creating 360-degree videos: Rosemary Kimani and Claire Rouger, co-founders of Authentic Food Quest and authors of Authentic Food Quest Argentina: A Guide To Eat Your Way Authentically Through Argentina, the first in a series of books available on Amazon. In their most recent 360 video, they walk through a farmer's market in the streets of Paris to give viewers a truly immersive experience of what it's like to shop local.

"The bar to being good at influencer marketing has gotten really high in the past year," said Jack Holt, CEO of Mattr. "So much is required to create, implement, and manage a good program. 360-degree video is the next big innovation in marketing and another tool we're giving to brands, through influencers, that they can use to stand out."

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