The Value Exchange in Focus

Customer identify and access management (CIAM) solution Janrain released results of a survey developed to help the company understand under what conditions U.S. consumers will share their personal data with brands. 

Janrain found that brand trust is the single biggest requirement for persuading users to share their data (more effective, in fact, than special offers or discounts). 

86 percent of those surveyed, in fact, indicated that the best way to create and maintain trust is to provide "positive customer experiences".

Janrain's research also suggests that aside from consumers knowing they will be treated well, they also found compelling loyalty programs (74%), philanthropic activities (63%) and robust online communities (50%) to be effective mechanisms for instilling confidence in brands.

"With access to personal data, brands can create a virtuous cycle that results in significantly greater customer loyalty, "said Jamie Beckland, Vice President of Product at Janrain.

"The knowledge that comes with this information can be used to improve user experiences and drive deeper engagement, which in turn helps companies build out more complete customer identities. Identity management is key to improving the customer experience; and the enhanced understanding of the customer leads to increased consumer trust, a win-win proposition for both customer and brand. But, without access to personal data, brands can't deliver on customer expectations."