Tool-of-the-Day: Tweet Binder

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 19 Aug, 2015

If you're looking to gain more insights into your Twitter campaigns, consider leveraging Website Magazine's tool-of-the-day, Tweet Binder.

Tweet Binder is a Twitter analytics platform that helps users track hashtags, keywords or usernames. Upon looking up a term, Tweet Binder offers statistics on tweet activity, links, images, influencers sources and more. Users can capture up to 30 days of old tweets via historical reports as well as track tweets in real-time.

In addition to capturing tweet data, users can leverage the platform's binder feature to categorize content. With this feature, users can add any terms, hashtags or text to a specified binder. Then, any tweets containing the defined terms will automatically be tagged with the name of that Binder. By categorizing terms like this it makes it simple for users to compare stats between binders or do other things like display the content of a binder in a tweet wall or curate the content inside a widget that is featured on the user's website.

Tweet Binder, for instance, offers the example of creating a collection for the official hashtag "#montecarloMasters" (for the tennis tournament) and then creating a binder for each player that includes related terms. Once this is done the tweets will automatically filter into their corresponding binders as they are captured. Then, in addition to comparing the stats, the user can leverage the "Hashtag/User war" widget to publish live Twitter data about the players on their site (see image). In fact, Tweet Binder offers a variety of tweet wall and widget formats, such as a trending topics wall and ranking widget.

It is important to note that some of Tweet Binder's features can be leveraged for free, but offers four plans for more robust capabilities like real-time tracking, historical reports and more.