Top SoLoMo Posts of 2017 at Website Magazine

New Year's Day is almost here, and it is a good time to reflect on what worked and what did not in 2017.

Website Magazine reviewed our internal data to highlight the top posts from many of the topics we cover to help you improve your Web success. Here are the most-read social media, local marketing and mobile news of 2017 at Website Magazine:

1. Read, "The Required Facebook Feature Nobody Wants"

2. Read, "Why Won't Google+ Die?"

3. Read, "Amazon's New Influencer Marketing Program"

4. Read, "Facebook Stories are Simply Evil"

5. Read, "Essential Local Directories for Visibility"

6. Read, "Not So Fast with Chat Bots

7. Read, "Facebook Features for Your Small Business Page"

8. Read, "5 Digital Marketing Habits to Ditch"

This contributed post is ready: 5 Steps to Better Customer Connections
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1.  The "Required" Facebook Feature Nobody Wants