Twedemption Twitter Tool

Once you pass a certain number of followers on Twitter, the direct messages you receive can be overwhelming. That's why when I saw Twedemption this morning I was immediately intrigued.

The application, developed by Blast Applications, allows users to delete multiple or all direct messages at once - something Twitter does not allow you to do.

"We wanted to solve a wide-spread issue plaguing thousands of Twitter users," says Dino Luzzi, CEO of Blast Applications. "If you've been following a lot of people and accumulating a large group of followers, it's very likely you've received a lot of auto generated direct messages."

Twedemption costs $5.99 (one-time fee). While potentially useful for power Twitter users, this ultimately might be a solution without a problem.

BlastApplications creates applications for the iPhone, Facebook, and Twitter. Some of its more notable Twitter apps include, and