Twitter Hashtag for Local Events

Twitter, despite my ongoing cynicism, shows no signs of slowing down and don't think for a moment that technology vendors and Internet professionals haven't taken notice.

Eventful, a digital service which connects consumers with entertainment and live events,, today announced the launch of a standard hashtag index for local events. This will enable users of Twitter to have a common reference points when interacting (sending and reading messages) on the micro-blogging service.

 Hashtags for individual events can be found on each event detail page. Eventful announced that in the future users will be able to add their own hashtag suggestions for any event to the index. Most importantly though, third-party developers will be able to access the hashtag index through Eventful's popular API.

"Eventful's event hashtag index solves an important challenge that Twitter users face, which is selecting the appropriate hashtag to use when tweeting about local events so that others can find and share in the conversation," said Eventful CEO Jordan Glazier. "Eventful provides the most comprehensive, definitive selection of local event content throughout the world, and it's a natural extension of our social media platform to help people communicate about events across Twitter before, during and after they occur."