Twitter Looks to the Future of Social Commerce

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 25 Jul, 2014

Facebook isn't the only social network looking to make a splash in the social commerce industry, as Twitter has announced that it recently acquired payments infrastructure company CardSpring.

CardSping helps merchant work with publishers to create online-to-offline promotions. According to an announcement from Twitter, the CardSpring acquisition will help the social network as it continues to work on the future of commerce on Twitter.

"We're confident the CardSpring team and the technology they've built are a great fit with our philosophy regarding the best ways to bring in-the-moment commerce experiences to our users," the announcement states.

In a separate announcement, CardSping notes that the company will continue to grow its platform and work with publisher, financial and retail partners to create new and innovative commerce experiences for consumers. In the past, Twitter has dabbled in social commerce by enabling consumers to obtain deals and discounts through tweets, add items to their Amazon shopping carts and more.