View Your Kred Story for Social Influence Data

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 21 Aug, 2012

If you are bummed about your new Klout score, you might want to head over to the other social influence rating site - Kred - for a new way to discover your social influence.

Kred just launched Kred Story, which enables users to understand their influence by displaying a personal and visual stream of their social media history.

"Kred Story is the culmination of many years of research by PeopleBrowsr," says Andrew Grill, CEO, Kred. "It shifts the emphasis from scores and data to people and their content. Kred Story gives everyone access to social data in an intuitive format that enhances their social media experience. It makes influence metrics useful for all of us."

Kred Story's visual streams are generated from a person's social media posts, interactions, links and photos. However, users also have the ability to view social streams from friends, brands or publications. For example, entering a name, such as @CNN, produces an overview of the company's most influential content that has been shared on Twitter. Viewers can also zoom into the searched stream in order to view insights on interactions and posts. Additionally, users can enter hashtags to create Kred Stories from trending topics.

According to Kred's Blog, "Kred Story moves the conversation about influence away from numbers and data to bring it back to the best thing about social media: the ability to connect with people who have things in common and shared passions."

In order to leverage this new social influence tool, users must request an invitation - which is available at