Weekend Warrior: 3 Facebook Tips

Internet professionals should certainly spend most of their weekends hanging out with family and friends, relaxing and re-energizing themselves for the workweek ahead, but most Web pros can't help but to spend their downtime reading tech articles, scrolling through their social newsfeeds and looking for ways to better themselves and their enterprises. For those weekend warriors, here are three Facebook tips that can be done in just a few hours.

1. Visit Your Own Likes

Most people Like a Page on Facebook, because they want to support a brand they like, followed by to get a coupon and then to get regular updates from a brand they like. If you - as a savvy Internet professional - Like a Page, their content is probably worth checking out. Head over to some of your favorite pages and see how they share links, promotions or content. For example, maybe they include minimal text and always include an image (the latter has been proven to increase engagement). Similarly, maybe some of the Pages you like share updates twice a day, whereas you've only been posting weekly. Testing what you include in a post and when you share it is definitely worthwhile for the workweek, but will take little time, since you've already done the weekend research as to what you want to test. 

2. Test a New Schedule

Along the lines of testing, take a look at your Page Insights>Posts to see when your fans are online the most, by day and hour. If most of your fans are online at 9 a.m. and then again at 6 p.m. on Wednesdays, that's probably a good time to schedule posts that day. What's more, don't overlook posting on weekends. You may find that more people are on Facebook on the weekends than during the workweek, and they might be weekend warriors just like you - looking for a way to improve themselves, support brands they like or save money. 

3. Do Some Spring Cleaning

Depending on your Page's exposure, you probably have some spam to clean up. The Posts to Page section can be littered with the most atrocious posts, from just simply irrelevant posts to downright inappropriate. That said, there can also be some users who have posted to your page for customer service reasons or to compliment your brand and these posts have gone unnoticed, because your notifications may be turned off or these posts don't make it into your social media management platform. Go through these posts and delete ones that don't have anything to do with your brand (and ban multiple offenders). This is also a good time to go through your Page's messages to make sure you've responded to authentic users and deleted irrelevant messages.

There you have it - three Facebook tips you can do this weekend to improve your Page for the workweek ahead. Finally, to make your weekend even more productive, make sure to Like Website Magazine on Facebook