Women Buy from Influencers

What makes influencer posts successful? Apparently, an abundance of female followers.

Media platform Bloglovin recently surveyed some 20,000 women and found that more than one-half of the women surveyed said they had bought a product or service due to an influencer post.

Facebook and its Instagram platform are the preferred platforms for connecting to influencers according to the survey, following by Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter and Snapchat.

Sixty-three percent of the women surveyed said they followed influencers based on niche topics, and 62 percent said they followed for ideas and inspiration they can actually achieve in real life. A little more than one-quarter said they followed for promotions and giveaways.

Perhaps most interesting is that 63 percent of the survey participants said they were not bothered by disclosure tags which is very good news for influencers as well as the brands that support them - particularly important considering the potential negative impact of Federal Trade Commission requirements.