Wrapp Presents a New Facebook Marketing Platform

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 30 Apr, 2012

There is a new way for your business to increase its social media visibility - and it just might come with a big (virtual) bow on top.

Social gift-giving service Wrapp is a Swedish startup that enables consumers to socially and virtually send their friends gift cards. For example, instead of writing the same generic happy birthday message or other greeting on your friends' Facebook walls, Wrapp enables users to send free or paid gift cards to friends within their social networks.

However, consumers aren't the only ones that benefit from this platform because the service can also help increase a brand's Facebook visibility, drive sales and generate in-person and online traffic for participating merchants. In fact, during the last four months almost 180,000 people gifted more than 1.5 million free promotional giftcards to their friends with the Wrapp service, and participating merchants reported that each sale averaged a four to six times increased value of the free promotional gift card that was being redeemed.

"Wrapp is the ultimate win, win, win app," says Hjalmar Winbladh, Wrapp's CEO. "You and I get to give our friends free gifts and promotional gift cards from great retailers, the gifts we give are stored in our friends' phones so they're always with them when they want to buy something they really want, and the merchants get a proven customer acquisition and retention platform built on Wrapp's friend-to-friend marketing for conducting performance-based campaigns."

Wrapp was previously only available in Europe, however this week marks the company's U.S. launch with retail partnerships from some big-name retailers including Gap, H&M, Sephora, Angry Birds, and the Wall Street Journal.

Merchants who would like to partner with Wrapp can sign up on the company's website.