A Human-Powered Approach to Programmatic Advertising

As consumers continue to find their way online, advertisers are constantly on the hunt for new ways to reach their audience.


Glassview, an online advertising platform, has recently announced the launch of its social video platform.


Through the platform users have access to more than 250 million unique users across the U.S. and more than 1.1 billion unique users across the globe. Taking a self-described human-powered approach to programmatic advertising, Glassview strategists take into account demographics, behavior, location, lifestyle and attitudes. Through this approach Glassview aims to identify relevant and unexpected moments on sites that are contextually relevant to its campaigns.


"At GlassView, we specialize in seizing upon such moments and optimizing in real-time, increasing the overall success of the campaign," added Michael Goefron, managing director of account management and chief brand safety officer of GlassView. "We successfully create profiles for our advertisers of end consumers and think about what would drive them to engage with our brand's videos. This is an advantage of working with GlassView that simply doesn't exist with fully automated programmatic systems."