People-based Targeting & Measurement with Shopcom/LiveRamp

To meet the demands and expectations of today's users, enterprises need to augment their understanding of consumers with data from the broader ecosystem. 

Kantar Shopcom, a WPP company focused on data integration and analytics within the advertising space, recently announced an enhanced partnership with omnichannel identity resolution provider LiveRamp which will make Kantar Shopcom's data actionable for people-based targeting and measurement through the LiveRamp IdentityLink Data Store.

This will provide marketers, agencies, technology providers, and publishers using LiveRamp IdentityLink with access to Kantar Shopcom's customer-level purchase data including CPG, retail, and retailer class of trade purchase behavior data for 300 million U.S. consumers (covering 90 percent of all U.S. household spending patterns from more than 450 retailers across 680 categories and 18,500 brands) and classified from over $3.5 trillion in sales volume.

Shopcom's assets have been mapped deterministically to the majority of smartphone users, including more than 500 million devices. The result? Marketers will be able to reach more of their target audience during a campaign.

"Today more people go online via mobile phone than desktop or laptop computers. Enhancing our partnership with LiveRamp enables marketers to reach more people where they actually are - on their mobile devices - at scale and target them based on actual purchase behavior," said Jen Bukich, Shopcom's VP of strategic partnerships & business development.