Addressing Demand-Side Ad Fraud Woes

Sell-side platform Pubmatic has had enough with advertising fraud. 

The company recently announced its new "fraud-free program" that will offer a money-back guarantee for its demand-side partners. If fraud is detected on its platform, Pubmatic's partners won't pay for it and their account will be credited (provided certain criteria are met). That's pretty significant as ad fraud is one of the most serious issues facing the digital industry today.

In addition to PubMatic's proprietary technology and promotion of ads.txt, PubMatic partners with MRC-accredited inventory quality vendors, such as IAS and White Ops. These partners conduct brand-safety checks and inventory screening across multiple formats and platforms. Pubmatic also indicated that data will be shared in a feedback loop to keep ahead of fraud schemes.

"This program is another milestone for PubMatic. The importance of transparency and an efficient brand-safe supply chain are ever important for buyers. Our product innovations and inventory quality team take a rigorous approach to stamping out ad fraud to benefit our demand partners, their advertiser clients and the industry as a whole," said Rajeev Goel, Co-Founder and CEO of PubMatic.

While this seems to be more of a reactive (rather than predictive, proactive or prescriptive) solution to the problem, it does indicate that PubMatic is putting its advertising partners first.