Infolinks Launches In-Text Ad Marketplace

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 22 Aug, 2011

Infolinks, an in-text advertising network, has announced the launch of a new self-service in-text advertising marketplace.


The new service allows for advertisers to quickly create an in-text advertising campaign that includes various target options. Some included features in the self-service marketplace are real-time reporting, keyword selection, keyword bidding and advanced optimization.


"Infolinks' new self-service model now makes it easy for anyone familiar with Google Adwords to quickly launch an In-Text Advertising campaign," says Tomar Treves, chief marketing officer of Infolinks.


"Other services match advertisements to relevant keyword searches, the entire context of the website or the interests of the user. With Infolinks In-Text Advertising Marketplace, people are actively choosing to open the advertisement in a contextually relevant environment making them much more open to the advertiser's message."


Use of the new service costs $5 a day. On average, Infolinks delivers in-text advertising campaigns across 250 billion pages and reaches 350 million unique visitors each month.