Is Facebook Edging in on YouTube's Territory?

The Super Bowl is the biggest sporting event in America and companies pay millions of dollars to have their ads shown during the sporting event.

Once the game is over many companies upload their video to a variety of websites for consumers to see at their leisure. In years past, YouTube was the clear first choice for consumers to see Super Bowl campaigns but this year the tides seem to be changing.

Visible Measures, a content advertising company, has recently announced that Facebook videos accounted for 25 percent of all online Super Bowl ad views.

Through its viewership metric, True Reach, Visible Measures found that Facebook garnered 54 percent (54.9 million views) of the total viewership for the top overall Super Bowl campaign, Budweiser's Lost Dog commercial. While Facebook accounted for a quarter of all Super Bowl ad views it accounted for slightly more views (27 percent) of the top 10 campaigns alone, of which only eight ran content on the social network.

"A studio wouldn't measure a film's success by the results of one theater chain, but rather would look at performance across all distribution points. True Reach does just that for marketers' video content. Only True Reach provides comprehensive measurement across all points of consumption, the importance of which has only increased with the rise of Facebook as a video distribution channel and will only continue to increase as other social platforms enhance their video offerings," said Brian Shin, CEO of Visible Measures.