Self-Manage Ad Buys with Shiny Service

Allison Howen
by Allison Howen 11 Sep, 2012

Start managing your ad buys with the new self-service platform from Shiny Ads.

The digital advertising company's Self-Serve for Professional Advertisers platform allows publishers to manage their own ad buys during every step - from creative guidelines to payments.

The platform's HTML5 web-enabled interface enables more orders to be processed in less time, with no direct sales involvement. This means that sales teams are able to shift their focus to larger clients and higher-value or non-standard opportunities. The platform also enables publishers to remain in complete control - in addition to defining who has access to the platform and what credit terms are applied to each agency, publishers control approval of all campaigns and pricing. 

"Self-Serve for Professional Advertisers represents a true step forward in efficiency for all parties," says Roy Pereira Shiny Ads founder and CEO. "Many mid-sized ad agencies-and many medium-to-large advertisers-spend a huge amount of their and the publisher's time simply placing and managing their premium ad buys. These people know the advertising industry and require very little handholding. Self-Serve for Professional Advertisers fully automates the process for them and the publisher. It offers real convenience and a diverse feature set to agencies and advertisers, all within an easy-to-use interface."

It is important to note that Self-Serve for Professional Advertisers is an extension of Shiny Ads' other self-serve advertising solutions for digital publishers. The platform's dashboard allows advertisers to handle every aspect of their transactions, as well as features shopping cart convenience, product search, order management, creative upload capabilities and payments via bank wire transfer or credit card.