New Online Ad Data for Lijit Publishers

Linc Wonham
by Linc Wonham 06 Dec, 2011

New Advertiser Insights data is now available in Lijit's audience analytics dashboard, providing Web publishers with a list of the top brands that best align to their audience. The data can be used to support direct sales efforts as well as to develop editorial content that better attracts top online advertisers.


Lijit's audience analytics help publishers monetize their websites and build stronger relationships with their visitors. Audience analytics are displayed in a real-time dashboard that provides actionable statistics tailored to the type of Lijit services installed. Analytics include advertising performance, audience demographics and audience understanding - including pageviews, uniques, geography, search intent, top posts and other relevant data.


All Lijit publishers have access to the new Advertiser Insights data for their audience based on sites visited across the Lijit Network. Lijit currently delivers nearly 10 billion ad impressions per month across its network, which includes over 125,000 sites and almost 300 million global uniques.


Web publishers can sign-up for a free account and click Get Audience Analytics to join the network.


Brand advertisers will increase digital spend in the coming weeks to account for what has already been a 15-percent growth in U.S. holiday ecommerce spend for 2011, according to comScore. Lijit publishers using Advertiser Insights analytics can leverage their audience data as well as category data to better monetize seasonal CPM lifts resulting from this increased spend.


Over the past month, the following brand categories have displayed the greatest increase in CPMs:


-    Leisure and Entertainment: 238.09-percent increase in CPMs
-    Health & Beauty: 111.19-percent increase in CPMs
-    Technology: 86.92-percent increase in CPMs
-    Media & Publishing: 67.80-percent increase in CPMs
-    Healthcare: 56.68-percent increase in CPMs
-    Fashion & Lifestyle: 34.80-percent increase in CPMs