QUICK HIT: Grandma Hates Advertising

Your Nonna/Bubbe/Abuelita/Grandma doesn't care for your advertising efforts... at all.

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granny2 Nearly three quarters of Baby Boomer women reportedly don't pay any attention to advertising according to a new report, "Elastic Generation: The Female Edit", from JWT London Innovation Group.

The report reveals that 91 percent of the respondents, (women aged 53 to 72), wished advertisers would "treat them as people and not as sterotypes." 

This is a key demographic for marketers and advertisers  as the study confirmed that 78 percent of those over 50 were in control of hosuehold spending, with the same group acounting for half of all consumer spending in the UK.

Some other interesting highlights from the report include: 

+ 71% stated they were still a 'kid at heart' 
+ 73% expressed displeasure at how their generation was patronized with regards to technology. 
+ 81% of women polled said they did not recognise themselves in advertising supposedly targeted at their generation.