Unicorn Expands Ad Opportunities for Video Publishers

Increasing your arsenal of video advertising opportunities just got a little bit easier thanks to the new Unicorn OnceUX solution from Unicorn Media.

If you've never heard of Unicorn Media, it's a company that provides Internet video solutions. Through its flagship Unicorn Once solution, the company enabled cloud-based video delivery and dynamic ad insertion for any IP-connected devices using a single URL. Publishers using Unicorn Media's solution are thus able to deliver personalized, "television-like" viewing experiences on a plethora of connected devices (e.g. the iPhone, iPad, Xbox, Android, Roku, etc.) with no SDK or plugin required. It also integrates with pretty much all third-party ad networks and in-house solutions.

OnceUX expands upon that by allowing publishers to deliver interactive ad capabilities and rich user interface (UI) from the client-side, while offering server-side ad insertion and continuous playback. Ultimately, this will open up a plethora of new monetization opportunities through expanded ad units and pay-per-click (PPC) models.

The new client-side capabilities that come with Unicorn OnceUX include incorporating interactive ads, inserting ad overlays into video streams and the ability to hide player controls to prevent fast-forwarding, among many others. And as it's build for applications and HTML5 content structures, OnceUX eliminates the need for publishers to use third-party SDKs to manage their click-through campaigns, as well as delivering a vastly improved user experience thanks to the removal of third-party interface delays.

Unicorn OnceUX also provides publishers with real-time analytics on video and ad performance, in addition to delivering business intelligence that allows for agile ad operations and support for mid-roll ad insertion in long-form content. This means that ad operations can now deliver customized ads to users based on the current inventory on their connected devices.