Find Out What Content Generates the Most Revenue

Content recommendation and discovery platform Taboola, which was listed as one of Website Magazine's Top 50 Leading Networks for Digital Publishers and Online Advertisers, is releasing a new product that will show publishers exactly which content is generating the most advertising revenue.

The new analytics tool will also enable publishers to compare platforms - including Facebook and Google Search - and see which is bringing in the most revenue. Access to that data will likely be well received by publishers as it enables them to find out the type of content that resonates most with their audience and adjust their traffic acquisition strategies (and investment of time and money) accordingly.

The new Taboola dashboard, reportedly dubbed "Backstage," pulls in revenue data from Taboola's own sponsored content recommendation ad slots, native ad placements powered by Taboola, as well as through its Taboola-X product that gives the company access to Google AdSense and AdX revenue data on certain publisher websites.

"As user behavior and content consumption trends rapidly change, monetization strategies must change as well, responding in real-time to if a visitor is using a laptop or a smartphone, or if they arrived via Facebook versus search," said Adam Singolda, founder and CEO at Taboola. "In developing our discovery platform, we've been able to generate unparalleled insight into how people engage with content across the web, and we're very excited to share that knowledge in new and more actionable ways with our publisher partners, today and innovating together moving forward."