Omnichannel and the Importance of Order Management

A new report from OrderDynamics indicates that cross-channel fulfillment programs such as pickup in-store, ship-to-store and ship-from-store are being prioritized over other omnichannel tactics like "single view of the customer" and cross-channel loyalty programs. 


The study found that in-store pickup options provide retailers with greater in-store traffic and new opportunities for more cross-selling. 

  • 26 percent of retailers in the United States and 47 percent of retailers in Europe already have ship-from-store capabilities, while 10 percent and 18 percent respectively soon plan to enable this offering.
  • 23 percent of retailers already have a buy-online, pickup-in-store program in place. Likewise, 20 percent have a reserve-only pickup-in-store program. According to the study results, these store pickup numbers are set to almost triple in the next 12 months.
  • 63 percent of retailers surveyed indicated that gaining a competitive advantage over online pure-play retailers by leveraging their stores assets (inventory, shipping cost efficiencies and reduced delivery times) was a primary driver for investing in omnichannel initiatives.
  • Retailers already (or expect to) fulfill an average of 35 percent of online orders from their retail stores.

OrderDynamics was recently listed as one of Website Magazine's 10 Leaders of Today's Net Retail Experience.