Push Notifications Based on Customer Behavior

Internet retailers will need to get in front of their shoppers at key moments in the buying journey if they want to make the sale this holiday season and technology solutions are making sure they can do just that.  

Software-as-a-service shopping (mobilecommerce) platform Shopgate, for example, is adding an automated push notifications feature (to its existing push notification offering) offering that will send messages based on a customer's behavior.

Merchants using the Shopgate system will now be able to set up push notifications for users who have not been active in the app for a specified amount of time, for users who abandoned their cart without purchasing, and when an item from a user's favorites list goes on sales (i.e., a price reduction). Merchants can even set up push notifications when items from an order are shipped.

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"Push notifications not only simplify the mobile app experience but also require less effort on the part of the consumer to engage with a retailer or brand," said Marc Biel, CEO, Shopgate. "With Shopgate's new Automated Push Notifications, merchants and retailers can now further customize their messages to send relevant offers and updates to the right consumer 24/7."

Shopgate's automated push notifications work with several leading players in the ecommerce space including Magento, OpenCart, Shopify, Volusion and WooCommerce.