3 Effective Email Drip Campaigns

Email drip campaigns are nowhere near a new strategy, but they remain just as effective. 


Email drip campaigns send emails in pre-set intervals to keep a business top of mind without marketers having to do much after the campaigns are initially created. For a little inspiration, here are three pretty recent (and effective) email drip campaigns. 


The ALS Association - Top of Mind Drip

This last summer, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge raised millions of dollars from a user-generated social media campaign that went viral. The ALS Association received unparalleled exposure and leveraged this publicity with several post-Ice Bucket Challenge emails. The first email a donor received was a pretty generic thank you/confirmation email (first image), but then the ALS Association followed up with several emails that included reference to the Ice Bucket Challenge (or the original referrer source), which makes the emails relevant to the recipient and keeps the ALS Association top of mind with their new subscribers in a timed, methodical way. 




Pampers - Educational Drip 

Parents love their kids, so an email personalized to their ages likely won't go unopened. Pampers sends updates each month telling parents what they should expect from their kids that month, tips and, of course, Pampers promos. It's nurturing at its finest, but it does require that the company gets a child's birth date and Pampers does this easily by offering coupons and a rewards program for new parents. 



HomeAdvisor.com - Re-Engagement Drip 

When trying to warm up cold leads, drip campaigns should include as much relevant information as possible. For example, HomeAdvisor.com includes the recipient's name, city and the original project the person contacted HomeAdvisor.com about - in an attempt to re-engage the prospect.