5 Tools, Tactics to Get More Email Sign-Ups

How to grow an email list is one of the most often asked questions, and for good reason. Email remains a quality driver of website traffic, conversion and brand engagement.

There are so many strategies that can be activated once a company has the permission to email a prospective or current shopper/user. Consent must be given first, though, so here are five tools, tactics to get more email sign-ups.


A WordPress plugin, Pippity provides 18 themes for marketers so they can customize popup boxes or opt-in bars to grow their email lists. Pippity also provides an online demo so potential users can create a popup box to get a good feel of the product. 

Join My List App by Constant Contact

A brand's Facebook fans can easily be added to their email marketing lists in Constant Contact thanks to the company's Join My List App, which provides a "join my mailing list link" for a Facebook Page. 

Use the Footer

Often overlooked, a website's footer is valuable digital real estate because consumers are trained to look there for location information, social icons and more. Kate Spade uses this space well by including an easy-to-use email opt-in form and also incentives website visitors to sign up for their email lists with a promise of a discount code. 

Chimpadeedoo by MailChimp 

Chimpadeedoo, available for iOS and Android, collects email addresses and stores them on a user's iPad or Android tablet. What's more, the app does not require an Internet connection, so it's an ideal solution for tradeshows or other events where Wi-Fi may be non-existent or unreliable. Then later, the new email addresses will automatically synch with the user's MailChimp list. 

Engage One More Time

When someone takes the time to finish an entire piece of content, they often want to engage with the author, brand or topic further. This is because it takes a lot for today's modern Web surfer to stop and read something in its entirety (we're all skimmers now). Brands should include a call-to-action at the end of their blog posts, infographics, etc., to engage the person further, like including a link to sign up for newsletters (like Website Magazine does at the end of ours - see below).