New App Creates Email Campaigns On-the-Go

Small business email marketing service Benchmark Email just released a free app for the iPhone and iPad in the iTunes App Store that will let businesses create entire email marketing campaigns from a mobile device.

The app makes it easy for users to build an email list, send multimedia email campaigns and track subscriber responses. With the iPad version, users can also shoot videos or photos and insert the media into one of ten email templates, create text and have the message sent out in seconds.

Benchmark also offers instant YouTube syncing for videos, the ability to post emails and newsletters to Facebook and/or Twitter profiles, and the option to create an email list either by adding contacts individually or pulling them from the iPhone's address book.

Any mass emails created in the app are automatically fully CAN-SPAM compliant. Users will be able to write subject lines, store iPhone images in a gallery and track what happens to their emails, including which ones were opened and which ones bounced back.

"As the world becomes ultra-mobile, more and more bulk email campaigns will be created and sent on the fly from coffee shops, trade shows, airport lounges, and thousands of other places," says Benchmark Email CEO Curt Keller.

After downloading the application from the App Store, users simply have to set up a free trial with Benchmark Email before getting started.