Are Email Win-Back Campaigns Worth It?

Derek Schou
by Derek Schou 13 May, 2014

The science of email marketing. Sounds like a college course doesn't it?

Return Path, an email intelligence company, has released a new research study that focuses on brand win-back programs. The study, titled "Email Win-Back Programs: Everyone Recommends them, But Do They Work?", analyzes a representative sample of 300 million messages that were sent to 100 million subscribers.

According to the data collected, brands using win-back campaigns had an inbox placement of 92 percent with a total read rate of 12 percent. Between AOL, Gmail and Yahoo, subscribers using AOL's email service had the highest inbox read rate at 23 percent. The study also states that emails which displayed dollar off discounts in the subject line were almost twice as likely to be opened and read as those containing percentage off amounts in the subject line.

The identification of win-back campaigns and subscriber engagement was measured using Inbox Insight, an email intelligence solution offered by Return Path.