Automate Email Processes from the Cloud

The UK's Parker Software company is best known for its live visitor tracking/live chat solution WhosOn and Email2DB, an email parser and business process automation solution, but the company is looking to flesh out the latter solution with the release of Email2Cloud, its new cloud-based email automation service.

Naturally, Email2Cloud is based on the Email2DB software, and the solution will automate a customer's crucial business process to run when they receive incoming emails, which can include Twitter responses, Web page changes and database changes.

Email2Cloud will work similarly. The solution reads email messages, database records, Twitter feeds, Web pages, Excel spreadsheets, RSS feeds and "other sorts of messages," and then extracts any useful information to add to and update a customer's database(s) and trigger automated actions.

Parker Software's newest solution can integrate with many widely used CRM, ERP, CMS and POS systems, including SharePoint, Salesforce, Dynamics, PayPal and QuickBooks, using Email2Cloud will allow businesses to synchronize their emails and find specific information from within these emails, which enables real-time automation thanks to tighter integrations with the company's processes and systems, thus making them more effective.

Email2Cloud is built upon the Microsoft Azure cloud platform to ensure a high availability and resiliency within a fully managed cloud-based solution. As an added bonus, the system is even able to scale without downtime, so it works equally well for both small and enterprise-level businesses.

Customers can easily set up and configure Email2Cloud through a simple drag-and-drop process, where regular expressions are used to match information from emails and simple validation through email or SMS to approve workflows.