Barilliance Helps Retailers Retarget Shoppers Via Email

Ecommerce personalization solutions provider Barilliance has unveiled a new feature to help retailers retarget site visitors via email.


The feature, dubbed Triggered Email Booster, retargets site visitors arriving on a site through email blasts. For example, if a visitor lands on an ecommerce website from a link in a newsletter they received from the brand, Barilliance pairs that person with their associated email so a personalized cart abandonment message can be sent. Typically most site visitors are anonymous, which prevents retailers from retargeting them via email. This solution, however, identifies shoppers without requiring retailers to ask them for information.


Deployment of Barilliance's Triggered Email Booster is also simple, as it only requires users to add pixel code to the bottom of their newsletter template. This means no IT skills are required and there is no additional cost to install the solution. The feature was first introduced to select customers last November.


"The impact was almost instant for each and every one of the customers that added the pixel to their email blasts," says Ido Ariel, Barilliance co-founder. "On average, implementing the Booster feature has not only increased the number of the cart abandonment emails sent out by the retailers, but has tripled the dollar value of the recovered sales. Rarely does one feature have such a direct impact on conversions, as in the case of the Triggered Email Booster."


It is important to note that the Triggered Email Booster is just one of the personalization features offered to ecommerce merchants from Barilliance, as the company has additional tools that enable users to send personalized retargeting emails to customers with product recommendations that are presented in real time. Plus, Barilliance allows retailers to add personalized deals in email blasts, with the Barilliance's personalization engine determining the product which the customer is most likely to buy and offering a discount for that product only.