BIG LIST of Email Design Tools

Email has long been one of the best ways for companies and the marketers they employ to reach their consumers.


Unfortunately, designing an email from the ground up can take an exorbitant amount of time that many companies just don’t have to spare. Luckily for them, there are a variety of email design tools on the market they can leverage to quickly create beautiful, engaging emails.


Below is a list of 10 different email design tools that companies can leverage to help them step up their email game.




A Web-based application, Inkbrush helps marketers build fully responsive emails. The free tool is open to for use by individuals as well as businesses that wish to improve their email marketing campaigns. Users can also collaborate with their colleagues and track each change that has been made.





More and more consumers are accessing their emails form their mobile devices. This can create huge problems for marketers that are not optimizing their emails for mobile opens and engagement. Ink enables marketers to create completely responsive emails that will be optimized for viewing on any screen. Ink is free to download.




Graphic Mail


Containing responsive templates for multiple industries including retail and finance, Graphic Mail offers a varying selection of email templates. There are multiple service plans for those that wish to leverage Graphic Mail and the lowest start at $9.95.




Big, robust email solutions offer companies a lot of great features that, if used properly, can turn a drab email into something special. However, many companies simply do not have the time to spend figuring out these complicated solutions. Toddle offers companies 10 newsletter templates and a simple editor to personalize their emails. Each newsletter costs $9 or companies can buy a yearlong subscription for $240.




Digital Glare


Sometimes pre-made email templates do not fit the form that companies need them to. Along with such templates, Digital Glare offers to make companies their own custom designed emails for a price of $480. Before electing to leverage this plan, companies must solidify their requirements because Digital Glare only allows two revisions to each design.



Email Monks


With integrations for popular email services like MailChimp, Campaign Monitor and Constant Contact, Email Monks offers companies a completely personalized experience. Companies can leverage the service to create a responsive email based on their in-house designs, select a template from their library of designs or have the service create an email based off their needs. Prices start at $45.






As screen sizes continue to change, it is important that companies make sure they are sending out emails that look good no matter what device they are opened on. Litmus helps companies create and preview their responsive emails before they are sent. Litmus starts at $79 per month.





Like their name suggest, MailBakery takes a company's ideas, or ingredients, and "bakes" them into a fully functional responsive email. Unlike Digital Glare, MailBakery offers to work with companies on as many revisions as they want until they are satisfied with the finished product. Prices for MailBakery start as low as $196.





Even though templates help to accelerate the design process, there are some companies that may not have the time to customize them to their full potential. EmailCraft helps companies to completely design their own custom emails without having to do any of the work themselves. Those looking to leverage EmailCraft will have to muster up $129 per design.